Maximizing Cognitive and Functional Abilities

Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings

ISBN 978-1-932529-45-6
40-minute DVD
© 2008


With this 40-minute DVD, viewers will learn to appreciate the sometimes insurmountable challenges presented by typical residential facilities when residents have to navigate daily activities with a host of age-related cognitive and sensory deficits.

Deteriorating abilities to maintain independence are a hallmark of dementia, but they needn’t lead directly to helplessness. With simple changes to the environment, facility staff can maximize functional independence and minimize excess disabilities. This DVD presents a step-by-step process for identifying barriers and finding respectful, supportive solutions.

Through individual profiles of residents, viewers learn to apply this sensible problem-solving method to some of the common challenges presented by toileting, dressing, and mealtime activities in long-term care facilities. The reward for this approach is an enhanced quality of life for residents and staff alike.

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Margaret P. Calkins, Ph.D., M.Arch.

Margaret P. Calkins, Ph.D., is President of I.D.E.A.S. Inc. (Innovative Designs in Environments for an Aging Society), a consultation, education, and research firm dedicated to exploring the therapeutic potential of the environment—social and organizational as well as physical—particularly as it relates to older adults who are frail and impaired. She is also Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Institute on Aging and Environmental at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Dr. Calkins holds degrees in both psychology and architecture. A member of several national organizations and panels that focus on issues of care for older adults with cognitive impairment, she speaks frequently at conferences nationally and internationally. She has published extensively, and her book Design for Dementia: Planning Environments for the Elderly and the Confused (National Health Publication, 1998) was the first comprehensive design guide for special care units for people with dementia.

Dr. Calkins is Director and a founding member of SAGE (Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments), and has been a juror for numerous design competitions.


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