Preparing Your Manuscript

Health Professions Press has created an online guide for current authors and editors of HPP titles to help you prepare your manuscript and understand the production process for your book, from the book’s “launch” meeting to its printing and binding.

Contacting Your Editor

Contact your editor at HPP by calling 410-337-9585 x180, faxing 410-337-8539, or emailing

Contacting the Marketing Department

Questions about marketing your book? Email

Do You Have a Website?

Have you created a website based around your book or product? Tell us about it! We can cross-promote on HPP’s website and in social media. Email for more information.

Submitting a Book Proposal

Please refer to our Submission Guidelines.

The editorial staff in the Acquisitions Department at Health Professions Press welcomes the opportunity to consider your book ideas and encourages you to submit a proposal.

Preparing Your Proposal

To submit a proposal to HPP, send the following items to

  • Completed publication questionnaire
  • Annotated table of contents

Although an annotated table of contents and completed Publication Questionnaire are the only materials we must have to begin evaluating your proposal, we encourage you to provide as much information about your book as you’d like, including selections from the manuscript in progress. To assist you in preparing your materials for submission, we have provided the following list of questions and guidelines:

  1. Define the focus of your book. What specific topic areas (e.g., dementia, activities, training, health services administration or management) will this work address?
  2. Envision your primary audiences. Does your book have textbook potential? Is it a professional resource? Will it have family appeal?
  3. Indicate whether your book will be an edited or an authored volume. Send a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) and the CVs for any co-editors or co-authors who will participate in the development of your book along with the Publication Questionnaire. (Co-authors write the book; co-editors invite additional people to contribute to the book, edit the chapters, and complete the final manuscript.)
  4. In your table of contents, provide as much chapter detail as you can. For edited volumes, indicate how many chapters have been assigned and who will be writing each chapter. Contributors do not have to be secured for all chapters in the book at the time you submit your proposal.
  5. In what stage of development is the book? When do you project the manuscript will be complete?
  6. If you wish, please describe how you envision the format of your book. Format elements to keep in mind include binding (e.g., hard cover, paper cover, spiral) and trim size (e.g., 6″ x 9″, 7″ x 10″). Explain whether your book should have accompanying materials (e.g., instructor’s guide, assessment log, DVD).

Submitting Your Proposal

Submit your proposal and any supporting materials to

Or, submit via mail:

Acquisitions Department
Health Professions Press
P.O. Box 10624
Baltimore, MD 21285-0624

When your proposal arrives, a member of the Editorial Committee will write to acknowledge receipt. Your project will then be assigned to an editor, who begins the review process.

The Review Process

The editors in our Acquisitions Department carefully consider every submission; this individualized evaluation of your materials includes both an internal review by the editor assigned to your project with input from the editor’s departmental colleagues and peer reviews by experts in the field. Occasionally we request additional materials or revision of submitted materials based on reviewer recommendations. Because our review process is comprehensive, you may not hear from us for up to three months after we acknowledge receipt of your proposal.

If you have questions about your proposal, please feel free to contact the Acquisitions Department by emailing