Specialized Expert Training (S.E.T.)

Built to Meet Your Needs

Introducing Specialized Expert Training (S.E.T.) by Health Professions Press—an unparalleled professional development program designed to elevate the skills and expertise of healthcare and long-term care professionals.

Imagine high-quality training brought right to your doorstep, tailored to your organization’s unique needs. With S.E.T., that vision becomes a reality. Our flexible model allows us to collaborate closely with our esteemed authors to craft training events that deliver precisely what you require.

Led by experienced speakers who are masters in their fields, S.E.T. workshops dive deep into effective practices, activity programs, and proven management strategies. These experts don’t just teach from theory; they draw from the rich content of their books, the research behind their work, and their own firsthand experiences in the field, ensuring that every session is packed with practical insights and actionable knowledge.

Join us at S.E.T. and unlock a world of professional growth and development. Elevate your practice, empower your team, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of healthcare and long-term care. Experience the difference with S.E.T. by Health Professions Press—where expertise meets excellence, right at your doorstep.

How it Works

Discover the myriad ways you can elevate your skills and knowledge with Health Professions Press (HPP) products:

Attend HPP Hosted Training

Immerse yourself in dynamic training sessions directly hosted by HPP. Benefit from expert-led workshops designed to provide you with the latest insights and best practices in healthcare and long-term care.

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Join Author or Expert Speaker Trainings

Gain invaluable insights straight from the source by attending trainings hosted by HPP authors or expert speakers. Delve into specialized topics and harness the expertise of industry leaders to enhance your professional capabilities.

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Customized Training Solutions

Tailor your learning experience to precisely meet your organization’s needs by collaborating with HPP to set up a customized training program. Enjoy the flexibility of personalized sessions designed to address your unique challenges and objectives.

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Self-Guided Learning

Dive into a wealth of practical knowledge at your own pace with HPP’s extensive collection of books and resources. Empower yourself with practical insights and actionable strategies that you can implement immediately in your practice.

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