Creative Mind Play Collection 1

Print-and-Go Games and Ideas to Entertain the Brain
Bonus Feature: Keys to Brain Health

By Kathy Laurenhue

ISBN 978-1-932529-64-7
130 activities
© 2010


Product Description

Activity staff will love the fun, games, and ideas packed into these CD collections that help excite the brains of young and old alike! Drawn from author Kathy Laurenhue’s successful Brain Aerobics Weekly publication, each CD-ROM contains an engaging assortment of original trivia quizzes, exercises in creativity, word games, discussion topics, and more. Print and use these materials anytime and with anyone to stimulate memory, problem solving, creativity, and—best of all—humor and relaxation.

Creative Mind Play Collection 1 features Keys to Brain Health and includes 130 activities in fun and engaging categories ranging from Humor to Word Play to Culture to Holidays to Creative Writing—and more!

Perfect for activity programming in adult day centers, senior centers, and residential care communities, these collections provide endless entertainment, fun, and learning. Buy one or all three!

Buy the complete set and save!

Each of the three Creative Mind Play Collections CD-ROMs contains 100+ exercises organized by date.

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Download a sortable chart of activities and content in the complete Creative Mind Play Collections.

Use the drop-down menus in each column header to sort activities by exercise type, category, or date. Click the tabs at the bottom of the file to view the contents of each collection. You can view and sort the lists of activities from all three collections in this file.

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For a summary of activities and content in the individual CD-ROM collections, click on the links below.

Download a summary of the activities in Collection 1

Download a summary of the activities in Collection 2

Download a summary of the activities in Collection 3

Creative Mind Play Collection #1: Print-and-Go Games and Ideas to Entertain the Brain (Laurenhue_CMP 1 exce… by Health Professions Press

Wiser Now, Inc.

Wiser Now, Inc. is a multi-media publishing and staff development company that emphasizes well-being in aging as reflected in its tagline, “Backed by science, fueled by fun.”

Kathy Laurenhue

Kathy Laurenhue is CEO of Wisner Now, Inc. Kathy has a master’s degree in instructional technology (multi-media training) and an undergraduate degree in English. She is an advisor to the Humor Academy that is part of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH). Kathy has given training seminars throughout the United States and Australia, and has developed multi-media training materials for national companies in both countries.

In addition to the Creative Mind Play Collections, Kathy is the author of Getting to Know the Life Stories of Older Adults: Activities for Building Relationships (Health Professions Press, 2007). She also co-developed the Elder Care Conversations program, a USB of 12 modules aimed to improve activity programming.

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