A Two-Lap Book® Series

Read-Aloud Books for Memory-Challenged Adults

By Lydia Burdick, M.A.


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new two-lap logo®For more than 10 years, Two-Lap Books® have provided a truly meaningful and enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones who are experiencing memory loss. Discover the connective power of these unique resources: Sit down together with a  loved one, open these colorful and engaging books across both laps, and begin reading, reminiscing, and communing.

In the innovative Two-Lap Book® Series, colorful illustrations accompany short, easy-to-read text that describes universally appealing experiences.

In The Sunshine on My Face, text and images work together to evoke feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, listening to music, watching children play, going for a ride in the countryside, and more.

Happy New Year to You! celebrates each month of the year with familiar and friendly images: rain showers in April, weddings in June, school days in September.

And Wishing On a Star inspires pleasant feelings about common experiences, both past and present: the smell of coffee in the morning, holding hands, the feeling of a warm breeze.

Author Lydia Burdick wrote the first Two-Lap Book® in the course of caring for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “One of my greatest pleasures,” she says, “was sitting together with my mother and hearing her read the words from this book when she had otherwise stopped speaking almost entirely.”

These read-aloud books are the perfect way for family members or friends to visit or for caregiving staff to get to know residents. Tips on how to promote engagement with the book are provided—or just use your own creativity! A Two-Lap Book’s appeal is universal and timeless.

The Two-Lap Book® Library

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The Sunshine on My Face, 10th Anniversary Edition by Lydia Burdick






Happy New Year to You!







Wishing On a Star







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Read the Two-Lap Book Series’ blog post on the New York Times’ blog The New Old Age.

Lydia BurdickWith a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Lydia Burdick’s career has been in human resources. She is president of her own executive search firm, and communicates about making lifestyle choices that minimize risk of Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Lydia wrote the first Two-Lap Book®, The Sunshine on My Face: A Read-Aloud Book for Memory-Challenged Adults, in the course of caring for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “One of my greatest pleasures,” she says, “was sitting next to my mother and hearing her read the words from this book when she had stopped speaking almost completely.”

Since the publication of The Sunshine on My Face, Lydia has gone on to write 2 additional read-aloud books for memory-challenged adults: Happy New Year to You! and Wishing on a Star.

A Two-Lap Book® is a trademark owned by Lydia Burdick.

6 reviews for A Two-Lap Book® Series

  1. Administrator

    “I searched and searched … for a simple picture book written for the Alzheimer’s patient, but all the books were for caregivers. Finally I contacted the National Alzheimer’s Association, and their librarian steered me to [Lydia Burdick’s] wonderful books, which I ordered for my Mom, and she read them about 100 times, with aides helping.”
    -Eliezer Sobel, author of picture book Blue Sky, White Clouds,

  2. Administrator

    “This is a lovely concept and should be a valued resource for caregivers of memory-impaired persons. It is well done and the reader can improvise additional scenarios following the model pioneered by this book.”
    —Carl Eisdorfer, M.D., Ph.D., Knight Professor and Director,
    University of Miami Center on Aging

  3. Administrator

    “Unique… I love the concept of a shared reading source. Caregivers are hungry for a source of connection. The physical closeness required for the nature of the product is a plus.”
    —Lou Eaves, M.S., CCC-SP, Eaves Solutions, Inc.

  4. Administrator

    “A charming and delightful tool to help family caregivers engage a loved one, who suffers with dementia, and create an intimate bonding experience for both.”
    —Jacqueline Marcell, Author, “Elder Rage”, and Host of the “Coping With Caregiving” Internet Radio Program

  5. Administrator

    “Lydia Burdick’s book series is fulfilling an unmet need for reading materials for older persons with memory problems. Our research indicates that these are the kinds of reading materials which these persons may prefer to read at some point in the course of their condition.”
    -Barry Reisberg, M.D., Clinical Director, Silberstein Aging and Dementia Research Center, New York University School of Medicine

  6. Administrator

    “With her unique books, Lydia Burdick brings families closer together–she helps bridge the chasm created by senile dementia.”
    -David Shenk, author of The Forgetting: Alzheimer’s, Portrait of an Epidemic

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