Access to Nature

Planning Outdoor Space for Aging
Produced by Susan Rodiek, Ph.D., NCARB, and Texas A&M University Center for Health Systems & Design

Set of 3 DVDs (93 minutes total)

Part 1: The Value of Nature (28-minute DVD)
Part 2: Improving Outdoor Access (31-minute DVD)
Part 3: Safe and Usable Outdoor Spaces (34-minute DVD)

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In this multimedia educational program, discover the innumerable benefits of an inviting and functional outdoor space for older adults.

In this engaging set of three DVDs, you’ll learn the therapeutic value of nature for older adults and about cost-effective solutions for improving outdoor access. Using case studies, diagrams, and 3-D models, this powerful teaching tool shows you how to adapt any residential care setting to see immediate improvements in quality of life. Perfect for designers, administrators, activity directors, gerontologists, and others involved with senior housing, Access to Nature also provides interactive exercises and continuing education credits.

Each DVD in this series is available for individual purchase. The three videos are also designed to work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the research background, architecture, and landscape design implications.

2009 Environment & Design Award Winner from CEAL (Center for Excellence in Assisted Living)

The first DVD in this educational video series demonstrates the importance of having people, policies, and programs that support outdoor usage by residents in senior housing settings. Experts in environmental psychology, design, and gerontology explore how health and quality of life can be shaped by access to nature and identify key issues in planning outdoor space. The enrichment of activity programming and the special needs imposed by dementia are also addressed.

Whether you are a planning a new community or remodeling an existing one, the second DVD in the Access to Nature series illustrates a variety of ways the building layout can encourage residents to go outdoors.

Case studies, sketches, and models show how to make strong indoor–outdoor connections, remove perceived barriers, and create successful transition zones, such as an entry garden.

Learn about cost-effective solutions to issues of accessibility, visibility, and interfacing with the outdoors as well as suggested adaptations for individuals with dementia.

By using the right elements, outdoor spaces that were previously underutilized can become more inviting, functional, and well-used.

Case studies, 3D animated examples, diagrams, and sketches in this informative DVD show how to transform existing areas by emphasizing features that appeal to residents and support their need for autonomy and independence.

Simple ideas for choosing the right seating, improving walkways, and creating shade are among the options discussed. Additional design possibilities address outdoor elements that enhance walking and sitting, optimize greenery and views, promote comfort and safety, and encourage engagement in outdoor activities.

Access to Nature was developed by a large multidisciplinary team of expert consultants and students working with Dr. Susan Rodiek, who teaches architecture at Texas A&M University, with the input of numerous people in the seniors housing and care industry.

Your professional organization may offer continuing education credit for completing the Access to Nature Program.

Course Overview
In order to obtain continuing education credit, you will be tested on material including:

  • The DVD Sessions
  • Supplemental Readings
  • Interactive Exercises

Click here for more information on continuing education credits for Access to Nature.

4 reviews for Access to Nature

  1. admin

    “Finally! A user-friendly resource for designers and administrators, presenting the latest relevant research on the design of outdoor space in senior housing.”
    —Clare Cooper Marcus, author of Healing Gardens

  2. admin

    “These DVDs provide evidence-based design guidelines in an accessible and transparent way& that will give everyone a real head start …”
    —John Zeisel, Ph.D., author of I’m Still Here

  3. admin

    ” … provides a valuable tool in understanding and achieving outdoor spaces that encourage older adults to go outside.”
    —Elizabeth C. Brawley, author of Design Innovations for Aging and Alzheimer’s

  4. admin

    “This guide is a much needed resource that underscores the importance of good outdoor access for residents of seniors housing communities … ”
    —Robert Kramer, President, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care Industry

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