Strengthen Your Mind, Volume Two

Activities for People Concerned About Early Memory Loss, Volume Two

By Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick, M.S.

ISBN 978-1-932529-42-5
8.5 x 11 layflat papercover
200 pages
© 2008

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Like the popular first volume, these 87 all-new activities will stimulate the minds, memories, and senses of older adults. Designed especially for individuals concerned about early memory loss, the short, one-page worksheets strengthen brain functioning, promote social interaction, and provide hours of meaningful enjoyment.

Developed by two adult day service professionals and field-tested with individuals with early memory loss, these activities feature trivia and reminiscence. Organized into three categories (People, Places, and Things), worksheets that feature fill-in-the-blank, matching, and brainstorming allow older adults to challenge their memory and gain new knowledge on a wide variety of topics including

  • favorite music
  • popular expressions
  • famous movies
  • historical leaders
  • prominent U.S. and world landmarks
  • celebrated athletes
  • and much more

Strengthen Your Mind, Volume Two, can be used independently by older adults concerned about memory loss or by activity staff and group leaders for discussion and programming ideas. Tips for engagement and an answer key are included for each activity.

Get this innovative book and provide older adults with leisure activities, learning experiences, and valuable brain exercise all at once.



  • Athletes of Greatness
  • The A-Z of Famous People from the United States
  • The Brides and Grooms
  • The Creative Spirit
  • Distinguished Women
  • Expressions Related to People
  • Famous Scandals
  • Famous Child Actors
  • Famous Couples
  • Famous “Doubles”
  • Famous People and the Occupations that Made Them So
  • Famous People Defined by Their Hairstyles and Hats
  • Famous Siblings
  • First Ladies
  • Leaders in the World of Science and Nature
  • Military Leaders
  • People and Characters Who Come in Threes
  • People Known by Initials in Their Name
  • People with Food Products Named After Them
  • Places and Things Named for People
  • Popular Song Titles that Contain a Person’s Name
  • Presidential Facts
  • Terms for Groups of People
  • Time Magazine Person of the Year
  • Television Hosts
  • Who Invented What?
  • Who Wrote What?
  • The World of Music


  • At the Baseball Park and on the Golf Course
  • At the Movies
  • The A-Z of U.S. Cities
  • Early Homes of U.S. Presidents
  • The East Coast
  • The High Seas
  • Home Sweet Home
  • In the Neighborhood
  • In the Universe
  • Legendary Places
  • Main Street, USA
  • Nicknames and Historical Names of Countries around the World
  • On the Map
  • On the Road
  • Out in the Cold
  • People and Places
  • Places Animals Live
  • Places Associated with the Seasons
  • Places that Are Also Things
  • Settings of Famous Events
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Songs with Geographical Names in the Titles
  • Spaces and Beyond
  • This Is the Place
  • The West Coast
  • Which Continent Is It?
  • Which Country Is It?
  • Which State Is It?


  • All About Arches
  • All-American Things
  • Animal Facts
  • Animal Sayings
  • The Color of Money
  • Comedy, Laughter, and Smiles
  • Events that Changed History
  • Expressions with Body Parts
  • Expressions with Colors
  • Expressions with Foods
  • Expressions with Numbers
  • Fabulous in Fives
  • Famous Brand-Names
  • Famous Recipes
  • Food around the United States
  • Important Dates in History
  • In the Dark
  • In the Middle of Things
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Mothers and Fathers
  • Over and Under
  • Pass the Cheese, Please!
  • Passing Fads
  • Products with Numbers
  • Shoes
  • Show Me the Money
  • The Sound of Music
  • Things that Are Square
  • Things with a Letter in Their Name
  • What’s What in American Business?
  • Where on the Human Body?

Strengthen Your Mind: Activities for People Concerned About Early Memory Loss, Volume Two (Einberger Excerp… by HealthProPress

Kristin EinbergerKristin Einberger has worked in the aging field for 35 years and has developed programs on Alzheimer’s respite, early memory loss, and brain fitness, among others. Currently she facilitates a number of brain fitness classes in a variety of settings and also facilitates various caregiver support groups. She is the co-author of a number of books dealing with early memory loss, including four published by Health Professions Press, two of which were recognized with Mature Media Awards. She has been a speaker at conferences nationwide, including American Society on Aging, National Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and the Brookdale Foundation. Her passion is to assist those with early memory loss in leading fulfilling lives in the most cognitively fit way possible.

Janelle SellickJanelle Sellick, M.S., RTC/CTRS, has worked with people with cognitive impairment for the past 10 years, and specifically with people with early memory loss for the past 4 years. She developed and facilitated two social/educational programs for people with early memory loss and has also developed educational classes for caregivers.

In addition, she has taught numerous memory enhancement classes and seminars to independent seniors. Together with Kristin Einberger, she founded Memory Enhancement Services, a consulting service for people with early memory loss as well as for professionals and families.

Janelle has presented at many local, state, and national conferences, including the Alzheimer’s Association, the California Park and Recreation Society, the Brookdale Foundation, and the American Therapeutic Recreation Association. She is the author of many newsletter and magazine articles on memory loss and the author of the book Traditions: Improving Quality of Life in Caregiving. Most recently, she has partnered with Kristin Einberger to author a technical manual for the Brookdale Foundation on Creating an Early Memory Loss Program.

4 reviews for Strengthen Your Mind, Volume Two

  1. admin

    “[This book] is a gem for all the over-fifty folk worried about losing memories and not knowing how to keep the brain stimulated and healthy. …[It] has a place in private homes of people knowing that mental-flossing does indeed help to stave off diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It is just as much at home in assisted living, adult day health settings, and senior centers as a wonderful tool for enriching the cognitive lives of those already experiencing early memory issues. Once again, Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick have given the aging public a new opportunity to be an active part of reversing the doom-and-gloom future of living with memory loss and turn it instead into a fun and challenging new life chapter.”
    Joanne Koenig Coste, author of Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s

  2. admin

    “This engaging and stimulating collection of activities is a wonderful resource for the growing numbers of persons with memory loss, care partners, and professionals who seek opportunities to focus less on what is lost by discovering and building on what endures.”
    Lisa Snyder, L.C.S.W., author, Speaking our Minds

  3. admin

    Strengthen Your Mind provides stimulating and enjoyable brain exercises that not only challenge your memory (in a fun way), but also bring back fond memories of special times in your life to reminisce about…. I was amazed at the incredible number of topic areas; I believe that the book will have something to please everyone. The authors are to be congratulated on writing a valuable tool for families and healthcare professionals to use with people concerned with memory loss.”
    Joyce Simard M.S.W., private geriatric consultant and author of The End-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia

  4. admin

    Strengthen Your Mind, Volume 2, definitely provides an extensive variety of topics and activity suggestions with wide appeal to older adults looking for ways to upgrade their memory fitness routine. While taking a walk down memory lane, the conversation possibilities will only add to the benefits by enhancing interactions for groups as well as time spent with families, friends, and caregivers.”
    Kathryn Kilpatrick, M.A. CCC/SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, Geriatric Communication Consultant, and Memory Fitness Specialist””

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