Cases in Health Services Management, Sixth Edition


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Prepare your health services management students for success with these challenging case studies! Cases in Health Services Management, Sixth Edition presents 29 case studies (15 new to this edition) that address contemporary issues students will encounter as administrators and managers: strategic management, organizational management, organizational effectiveness, leadership challenges, ethical dilemmas, and more. Students will be presented with complex real-life management scenarios to dissect, interpret, and try to resolve by applying knowledge, skills, and expertise from all areas of health administration. The cases cover a wide range of healthcare settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, city health departments, and more. Also included are downloadable instructor materials with additional mini-cases to supplement teaching instructions.

Providing an exceptional framework for decision making and debate, this new edition is an outstanding casebook for capstone and issues courses and a valuable resource for professional development seminars for practicing administrators and risk managers in health services settings.

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Part I: Policy Environment of Health Services Delivery

  1. Carilion Clinic (Mookerjee, Darr)
  2. Flu Vaccine (Feeney, Peterman)
  3. Merck’s Crixivan (Rucker, Darr, Albert)
  4. The Pineridge Quality Alliance (Farnsworth) NEW!
  5. Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (Greenia) NEW!

Part II: Strategic Management

  1. Riviera Medical Center (King, Myrtle)
  2. Edgewood Lake Hospital (Pottenger, et al., Myrtle)
  3. Klamath Care (Farnsworth) NEW!
  4. Hospital Consolidation (Farnsworth) NEW!
  5. Service Area Management (Farnsworth) NEW!
  6. Wester Health Care Systems (Myrtle) NEW!

Part III: Organizational Management

  1. Hartland Memorial Hospital: I (Rondeau, Paul, Rakich)
    1. Hartland Social Networking: II (Paul) NEW!
  2. Bad Image Radiology Department (Darr)
  3. Westmount Nursing Homes: CQI (Rondeau)
  4. District Hospital (Levin, Darr)
  5. Holy Family Hospital Shared Governance (Rondeau) NEW!

Part IV: Organizational Effectiveness

  1. Attica Memorial Hospital: Ingelson (Eng-Suess, Myrtle)
  2. The Pediatric Dental Center (Lin) NEW!
  3. Bengal Telepharmacy (Frischmann, Tocher, Bolinger) NEW!
  4. Hospitalist (Paul, Gilson) NEW!
  5. Appian Health (Myrtle) NEW!
  6. Community Benefit (Ross) NEW!

Part V: Leadership Challenges

  1. Hospital Software Solutions (Grasby, Stornelli)
  2. The Case of Tim’s Last Years (Darr, Sampson) NEW!
  3. Autumn Park (Thomason, Myrtle)
  4. Appalachian Home Health Services (Dansky)
  5. Suburban Health Center (Evans, Cooley)
  6. Team Building: From Success to Failure in 24 Hours (Whittlesey) NEW!

Part VI: Ethics Incidents

Ethics Incidents (Darr)

  • To Vaccinate, Or Not (Ashanti, Darr) NEW!
  • Intensive Care Unit Dysfunction (Silcox, Darr) NEW!

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Kurt Darr served as Professor of Health Services Administration in the Department of Health Services Management and Leadership at The George Washington University. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a member of the District of Columbia and Minnesota Bars, and served for 20 years as a mediator in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles in the health services field.

Tracy J. Farnsworth, Ed.D., MHSA, M.B.A., FACHE, is Dean and Director of the Kasiska School of Health Professions at Idaho State University. He is the author of Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach and a member of the Society for Case Research.

Robert C. Myrtle, D.P.A., is Emeritus Professor of Public Administration in the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy. He is the author of more than 100 books, articles, monographs, and research reports addressing management and public policy concerns.


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