Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care

By Nancy Fox

ISBN 978-1-938870-60-6
6 x 9 paper
280 pages
© 2017

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Product Description

Lead your organization to success in person-centered care, using these expert leadership and management lessons!

In this book, transformational leader Nancy Fox guides you along a management path leading to more person-centered services, helping you to meet today’s imperative to improve the efficacy and quality of service delivery. Seamlessly interweaving the latest insights about human, social, and organizational behavior with her own decades of experience in elder care services, Fox provides a powerful collection of succinct leadership lessons for all nursing home and assisted living administrators, directors of nursing, and hospital and home health managers.

Fox’s encouraging and inspirational style taps into the power of story and the wisdom of experts from diverse fields—from business, science, philosophy, art, and history—to teach the leadership skills that will produce and maintain high-performing, caring communities with engaged and committed staff.

This practical resource provides assessment and change-guiding tools plus a Quick-Reference Matrix to guide the person-centered leader across domains of responsibility.

Learn resonant lessons in both the art and science of effective leadership to improve your care delivery services, starting today!

Lessons in Leadership at a glance:

  • Key leadership principles illustrated with compelling stories
  • Lessons grounded in the modern sciences of human behavior
  • Advice and input synthesized from major culture change leaders and thinkers
  • Person-Centered Leader Quick-Reference Matrix: A practical tool for identifying critical thinking and behavioral shifts needed for roughly 40 areas of responsibility
  • Hopeful, encouraging, and inspirational message

Format: E-book
e-ISBN 978-1-938870-72-9

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About the Author
Foreword, by William H. Thomas, M.D.
Preface, Person-Centered Leadership: Elevating the Art


Chapter 1: How It Is: Three Stories and One Myth

  1. Sanibel Island
  2. Parkview Care Center
  3. Her Name Was Grace
  4. The Myth of Independence

Chapter 2: How It Ought to Be: Three Stories and One Myth

  1. The Mystery of Roseto
  2. Lessons from Roscoe Elementary School
  3. St. Lucia
  4. The Turnover Myth

Chapter 3: Understanding Human Behavior: Three Truths and One Lie

  1. Truth #1: The Automatic Mind
  2. Truth #2: Context versus Character
  3. Truth #3: Knowledge Does Not Change Behavior
  4. The Lie: As a Leader, I Need to Treat Everyone the Same

Chapter 4: Understanding the Human Brain: A Leadership Tool

  1. The Judging Brain and Negative Bias
  2. Emotional Contagion
  3. Self-Discipline: The Elephant and the Rider
  4. Abundance versus Scarcity
  5. Hope versus Fear

Chapter 5: Understanding the Problem: Creating Sustainable Person-Centered Care

  1. Emergent Systems
  2. The Return from La-La Land
  3. The Power of the Dialectic

Chapter 6: Solving the Problem: Shifting Our Beliefs

  1. From Sheepherder to Shepherd
  2. A New View of Motivation
  3. Empowerment as a Function of Leadership
  4. Redefining Our Measures of Success
  5. Thinking and Behavior Matrix for Person-Centered Leaders

Chapter 7: Solving the Problem: Changing the Context

  1. Organizational Redesign
  2. Beyond a Just Culture
  3. Organizational Climate
  4. Surplus Safety

Chapter 8: Solving the Problem: Replacing Routines

  1. Keystone Habits
  2. From Animosity to Reciprocity


Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care (Excerpt) by Health Professions Press on Scribd

Nancy Fox, author of Lessons in Leadership in Person-Centered Elder CareNancy Fox is a nationally recognized culture change consultant. She currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Vivage Senior Living in Lakewood, Colorado, overseeing a person-directed philosophy of care. Her career in long-term care began in the 1980s, serving at both the facility and regional levels and joining many courageous and passionate people on a journey to seek a better world for our elders and those who care for them.

Fox serves on the Leadership Team at Vivage, encouraging and informing future planning in innovative models of care, programs, and services. In 2014, she led a project in partnership with the Loveland Housing Authority to develop the first Green Houses® in Colorado. Prior to her current position, Fox served as the first Executive Director of The Eden Alternative, an international not-for-profit person-centered care organization.

In 2014, the Governor of Colorado appointed Fox to serve on the Colorado Nursing Home Innovations Grant Board. She is also a past Board Member of the Colorado Culture Change Coalition. In 2015, the Colorado Health Care Association awarded Fox the Vest Bowden Award, its highest honor in long-term care.

A national and international speaker and educator, Fox regularly conducts training on The Eden Alternative, culture change, and leadership, and has presented at several major conferences. She is also the author of The Journey of a Lifetime: Leadership Pathways to Culture Change in Long-Term Care (2007) and Lesson in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care (2017).

4 reviews for Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care

  1. Administrator

    “As a past leader myself in the culture change movement for over 35 years, I wish I had a book of this magnitude to guide me and the leaders within my management company. A must-read for those leaders serious about making a difference!”
    Jeff Jerebker, CEO, Piñon Management

  2. Administrator

    “This book is both a good read and informative. It reads like a novel and it’s chock full or valuable ideas. The vignettes are so interesting and they provide a window into a nursing home leader’s evolution. A must-read for those looking for insights into person-centered care.”
    Barbara Frank and Cathie Brady, B&F Consulting

  3. Administrator

    “Whether you are working with a struggling organization or one that is growing and innovating, this book is an essential guide for your journey. Nancy Fox shows what is necessary for a truly value-based, relational approach to leadership, and her clear and impassioned advice will act as a lighthouse in today’s stormy waters of elder care.”
    -Al Power, M.D., author and Chair in Aging and Dementia Innovation for Schlegel–University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging (Canada)

  4. Administrator

    “In [this book], Nancy Fox shares her insights and wisdom from years of first hand experiences leading deep transformation in elder care settings. Nancy weaves her natural storytelling abilities into this must-read book for all individuals who have dedicated their careers to a culture of aging that is life-affirming and meaningful.”
    Susan Misiorski, National Director of Coaching and Consulting Services, PHI

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