PART 2: Artifacts of Culture Change: An Organizational Readiness and Assessment Tool

Many Paths to Person-Centered Care Series, Part 2

ISBN 978-1-93252-91-3
48-minute DVD plus CD with handouts
© 2010


Product Description

Learn how to use the Artifacts of Culture Change measurement tool to identify and document the concrete changes made within your organization in your efforts to create a homier environment and practices that improve the lives of elders in your care. In reviewing the 78 improvement points in the Artifacts Tool, learn about culture change practices you may not have considered in your efforts to shift from institutional to individualized care.

This DVD is Part 2 in the Many Paths to Person-Centered Care training DVD series.

Carmen Bowman, MHS was a Colorado state surveyor for nine years, surveying nursing homes, assisted living residences, and adult day programs. She was a policy analyst with CMS where she taught the national CMS Basic Surveyor Training Course. She now works as a contractor to CMS, and co-developed the Artifacts of Culture Change tool. Carmen facilitated the Creating Home national symposium in 2008, which explored the environmental requirements and Culture Change. She is the owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change in long-term care, which provides Culture Change consultation. Carmen is a nationally-recognized expert in Culture Change and is a frequently invited speaker at national industry conferences.

Have a Good Life Media advocates for and focuses on:

  • Family Caregivers & Family-Centered Care
  • Humanizing Dementia Care
  • Culture Change in Long-Term Care
  • Creating Appropriate Training and Licensure for Dementia Care in Assisted Living
  • Simplified Assistive Technology
  • Person-Centered Aging Services & Elder Care


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