Jon Sanford


Jon Sanford, M.Arch, is an Associate Professor in the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech and the Director of the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA). He is also a Research Architect at the Rehabilitation Research and Development Center at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Mr. Sanford is one of the few architecturally trained researchers engaged in environmental issues related to rehabilitation. He has been well-recognized for almost 25 years for his expertise in universal design, accessible design, and assistive technologies across a range of environments from housing to residential care to public buildings and community spaces. He is one of the authors of the Principles of Universal Design and his research spans the microenvironment from the design of toilet and bathing facilities and home modifications for older adults, to the macroenvironment including design of long-term care settings. He has developed a number of assessment protocols, including remote assessments using televideo technology and CASPAR, the Comprehensive Assessment and Solutions Process for Aging Residents. He is currently working on several projects to evaluate the efficacy of interactive teleconferencing to provide remote, therapeutic services to older adults and their caregivers, including a multisite, randomized controlled trial funded by the VA Rehab R&D Service. He has contributed more than 100 articles and chapters to the professional literature and has more than 150 professional presentations.