Whether you’re looking for training, consultation, or a keynote speaker, HPP can connect you with our expert authors to meet your needs.

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HPP offers textbooks in healthcare management and administration, leadership, gerontology, social work, and special topics in aging.

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Care Programs & Implementation Tools

HPP’s programs, toolkits, and other services have been adopted and used worldwide to improve the lives of residents, staff, and families in long-term care and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

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The Best Friends™ Approach

People with dementia deserve the best care.

What people experiencing memory loss need most of all is someone dedicated to helping them feel safe, secure, and valued—at all stages of the disease. Adopting the internationally acclaimed Best Friends™ approach helps professional and family care providers gain the skills and confidence needed for this critical role.

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The HPP Blog

Free tips and resources!

The HPP blog is a resource center committed to serving professionals in aging and elder care. Here you will find information on the biggest topics in the field today and content from our expert authors on how to lead your organization to success.

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Aging Forward

A New Path for Health, Technology, and Community

America has an aging challenge. As baby boomers enter advanced age, the shortfalls of our current care delivery systems are increasingly clear. If nothing changes, we are woefully unprepared for a world with more older adults than ever before. Aging Forward confronts this inconvenient reality and provides a life raft—a vision for the future with achievable solutions.

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Disrupting the Status Quo

Can you have a great life in a nursing home?

This book, co-published with AARP, says, “yes!” and challenges us all to question long-accepted practices, examine our own biases, and work towards creating vibrant cultures of possibility and growth for elders.

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