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FEATURED VIDEO—Dr. Al Power’s keynote address at the 2016 Eden Alternative International Conference

“When you put a disease before a person, it makes it much harder to provide true individualized care.” —G. Allen Power, M.D., award-winning author and geriatrician

Be With Me Today DVD

Join Dr. Richard Taylor as he eloquently shares his perspective on what it is like to have Alzheimer’s disease and what he wants professionals in aging services to understand about his experience in order to improve care to individuals with dementia. Watch as he stresses the importance of empowering people with dementia to “be all they can be” by supporting the abilities they retain and by helping to fill in the gaps for them.

 Excerpt from the Be With Me Today DVD

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Bird Tales: Audubon Connects Elders with Alzheimer’s to Nature

Bird Tales is an easy-to-implement therapeutic program that uses multisensory stimulation and the natural outdoor world of birds to help people living with dementia interact with their environment and share a meaningful experience with others. Observing birds through sight, sound, smell and touch can encourage staff and family interactions even in elders with advanced dementia, and lift their mood for the rest of the day!

Video courtesy of the National Audubon Society

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The Sunshine on My Face: Interview with Author Lydia Burdick

In an interview for Seeking Solutions With Suzanne, Two-Lap Book® author Lydia Burdick shares the inspirations and personal story behind her groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind picture book for memory-challenged adults.

Video courtesy of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne 

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Creative Connections™ in Dementia Care: Interview with the Authors

Authors Rev. Katie Norris and Jennifer Brush MA, CCC/SLP visited the Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Show to discuss their new book Creative Connections™ in Dementia Care: Engaging Activities to Enhance Communication. Creativity is preserved in dementia long after other abilities are lost, so that making art provides rich opportunities for meaningful engagement for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This colorful book of art activities provides care partners with the knowledge and easy-to-follow steps they need to successfully implement art projects in a group or one-on-one setting—and no art experience is required!

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Dealing with Physical Aggression in Caregiving: Training DVD Clip

This DVD and workbook training package teaches staff the procedures to help avoid and, if necessary, contain aggressive behaviors while preserving the dignity of the resident. The set of 3 DVDs teach both nonphysical and physical interventions, along with the concept of a unified staff response system that can bring prompt staff support to deal safely with harmful situations. Each of the three DVDs (21-25 minutes each) contains detailed demonstrations. The companion workbook includes reproducible handouts.

  Video courtesy of Terra Nova Films

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Dementia Arts: Interview with Author Gary Glazner

The eCareDiary radio show interviewed founder of the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project, Gary Glazner, on his book Dementia Arts: Celebrating Creativity in Elder Care. The book guides readers in using poetry and the arts to increase interaction and encourage amusement and joy in dementia care.

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Dementia Beyond Disease: Family Caregivers Unite! Radio Show Interview with Author Al Power

International best-selling author Al Power visits the Family Caregivers Unite radio show to discuss well-being in caring for people with dementia, and his book Dementia Beyond Disease.

Video courtesy of Family Caregivers Unite!

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Elder Care Conversations: Activity Program Introduction

In this short video, creators Kathy Laurenhue and David Troxel introduce the Elder Care Conversations program. Available on USB, this program contains 12 modules of audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and printable materials. With practical ideas for activity programming, PowerPoint slides for staff training, and printable handouts for on-the-spot activities, this USB is essential for activity programmers.

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Speaking Our Minds: Interview with Author Lisa Snyder on Your Mental Health Talk Radio Show

Author Lisa Snyder discusses what we can learn from listening to the stories of people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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