New book from HPP provides the tools to create a successful orientation program in long-term care

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New book from HPP provides the tools to create a person-centered orientation program in long-term care

Book cover for Enhancing Staff Retention in Person-Centered Care Environments for Older Adults by Janine LangeBaltimore, MD (October, 2015) — Health Professions Press has just published Enhancing Staff Retention in Person-Centered Care Environments for Older Adults: How to Create and Implement a Comprehensive Orientation Program, by Janine M. Lange, M.S.N., R.N.-B.C., a clinical nurse educator in long-term care. Now available in print format and e-book format, this resource outlines how long-term care administrators can reverse the damaging pattern of high employee turnover by developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective orientation program for all levels of staff.

High employee turnover is one of the greatest challenges facing long-term care communities today. Without consistent staffing, care communities and their residents suffer the serious consequences of inadequate care, unnecessary expenses, and inefficient operations. Author Janine Lange, a clinical nurse educator and former director of nursing, understands firsthand the critical consequences of allowing staff who are unprepared, insecure, and not properly trained to provide care to residents. With her experience and practical knowledge, she has standardized new employee orientation programs in many long-term care communities that address these issues head-on.

Her book gathers these years of experience into a concise step-by-step guide, walking readers through defining the culture of a community, establishing an organization’s needs, skills testing and the evaluation process, and other essential elements needed for a successful training program. Also stressed is the value in creating a mentorship program between new and existing employees, providing insight into how to sustain such a program.

“Mentoring is a person-centered approach that benefits everyone involved,” says Lange. “Mentoring increases employee retention and reduces undue stress on new and existing staff, which ultimately saves time and money.” The importance of a person-centered approach is woven throughout the book, with advice and tips on how to enhance such an environment. One unique approach this book suggests is to refer to a unit or hall as a Neighborhood or Household. This terminology suggests a home-like atmosphere for residents, with its own kitchen, living room, dining room, nurses’ desk, laundry room, and so forth. Consistent staffing in a Neighborhood or Household builds relationships with residents and maintains a sense of community that is integral to person-centered care.

“Janine is exceptional at capturing the spirit of culture change and ensuring new employees recognize and appreciate this philosophy,” praises Valerie Cooper, Executive Director at Lutheran Senior Services. “By integrating person-centered care into orientation, it has set the standard for creating purposeful life not only for the residents but for our employees.”

Enhancing Staff Retention in Person-Centered Care Environments for Older Adults is a critical resource for nursing home administrators, clinical education directors, directors of nursing, directors of human resources, and all staff involved with training. Filled with features that aid in its ease of use—such as a summary list of key points for each step of the orientation process, conversation starters and other communication techniques for staff and resident interaction, and sample agendas, forms, and checklists offered in the book and as downloadable resources—this book is essential in any person-centered care environment.

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Janine Lange

About the Author

Janine M. Lange, M.S.N., R.N.-B.C., is the Clinical Nurse Educator at Lutheran Senior Services in St. Louis, Missouri, where she serves as the Director of the LSS Clinical Education Council and the Developer of the LSS Organization Nursing Orientation program. She holds an M.S.N. in nursing and is certified as a Staff Development Specialist in Long-Term Care. She has standardized new employee orientation programs in numerous long-term care communities and actively runs training sessions on an ongoing basis.

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