New book from HPP flexes, tones, and boosts aging brains with fun games and activities!

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New book from HPP flexes, tones, and boosts aging brains with fun games and activities!

Baltimore, MD (June 2015) — Health Professions Press has just released Brain Flexers: Games and Activities to Strengthen Memory, by authors  and aging experts Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick, M.S. Now available in print format, Brain Flexers is a mind-stimulating book that offers tools and resources to strengthen mental functioning.

The targeted brain fitness activities in Brain Flexers are designed to give an aging brain a total workout, to help boost brain functioning and enhance memory. “Conventional wisdom once held that after we reach adulthood our brains stop developing, and after age 40 or 50 a person begins an inevitable cognitive decline, resulting in problems with memory and slower thinking,” say authors Einberger and Sellick. “However, scientists discovered that our brains can produce new cells as well as have a lifelong ability to grow and change in response to learning.”

This groundbreaking discovery has changed the way to think about aging. Einberger and Sellick created Brain Flexers to exercise aging brains, and contribute to their ability to grow, regardless of age. “We now understand that we are not just stuck with the brain that we have,” Einberger and Sellick encouragingly point out. “We can grow and change it for the better! We can increase our response time, accuracy, and recall—and even improve memory—with targeted brain fitness activities.”

The brain fitness activities that the authors present in this book work to exercise many areas of cognition, such as memory, attention, focus, visual-spatial processing, and sequencing. The activities are designed to be fun, while also being appropriately challenging—a requirement of any good workout. The activities are organized by theme—such as Sharpening Your Senses, Language, Logic and Sequence, Music, and more—and come equipped with ready-to-use worksheets of activities and corresponding answer sheets that include tips and advice for facilitators.

“There is truly something here that will appeal to everyone,” offers Judy Filippoff, MSW, Director of Early Stage Services at the Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association®. “Especially appreciated are the suggestions for leaders at the beginning of each section that clearly describe the benefits, and provides hints on how to use the materials in a way that elicits the best response.” Useful with groups as well as one-on-one, this book is perfect for activity staff as well as individuals with early memory loss and their family members  to facilitate a positive brain workout designed for a fit and ever-changing mind.

Brain Flexers: Games and Activities to Strengthen Memory ($39.99) is now available. For more information visit


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About the Authors
Kristin Einberger
and Janelle Sellick, M.S., have more than 40 years of combined experience working with older adults with memory loss. They develop educational and social programs for people with memory loss and their families as well as teach memory enhancement classes.

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