Why Increased Productivity Will Help Your Healthcare System in Organizational Changes

According to leadership interviews with the Harvard Business Review, healthcare executives are concerned about the future of their industry. As the United States transitions to a new Presidential administration and Congress, questions about where healthcare systems go from here are brought to the forefront. The consensus of the interviewed executives (associated with Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Virginia Commonwealth, and the University of Utah): the challenges will be both financially and managerial difficult. To succeed in transforming the healthcare system, it will be necessary … [Read more...]

Healthcare Administrators need this book in their hands and on their shelves!

For Immediate Release Contact: Kaitlin Konecke, Marketing Coordinator Phone: 410-337-9585 x181 Email: kkonecke@healthpropress.com Baltimore, MD (July, 2016) — Health Professions Press has published their latest book, Superior Productivity in Healthcare Organizations, Second Edition. Now available in print and e-book format, this revised second edition of the popular guide for healthcare administrators offers more tools to invigorate the productivity of their organizations with long-lasting success. Written in a supportive, conversational style, author Paul Fogel draws upon his … [Read more...]