Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care

Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care


ISBN 978-1-938870-60-6
6 x 9
280 pages
© July 2017

Product Description

The current imperative to make healthcare and long-term care services more person centered is hampered by leaders and providers who are stuck in old management paradigms. Transformational leader Nancy Fox takes you through real-life experiences and succinct, powerful lessons in human, social, and organizational behavior to help teach the skills needed for creating and sustaining high-performing caring communities populated with engaged and committed staff.

Valuable features include:

  • key principles illustrated with compelling stories
  • assessment and change-guiding tools
  • grounding in the modern sciences of human behavior
  • hopeful, encouraging, and inspirational message

Foreword by Dr. Bill Thomas


Part 1: How It Is: Three Stories and One Myth

  1. Sanibel Island
  2. Parkview Care Center
  3. Her Name Was Grace
  4. The Myth of Independence

Part 2: How It Ought to Be: Three Stories and One Myth

  1. The Mystery of Roseto
  2. Lessons from Roscoe Elementary School
  3. St. Lucia
  4. The Turnover Myth

Part 3: Understanding Human Behavior: Three Truths and One Lie

  1. Truth #1 and the Automatic Mind
  2. Truth #2: Context vs. Character
  3. Truth #3: Knowledge Does Not Change Behavior
  4. The Lie: As a Leader, I Need to Treat Everyone the Same

Part 4: Understanding the Human Brain: A Leadership Tool

  1. The Judging Brain and the Negative Bias
  2. Emotional Contagion
  3. Self-Discipline: The Elephant and the Rider
  4. Abundance vs. Scarcity
  5. Hope vs. Fear

Part 5: Understanding the Problem: Creating Sustainable Person-Centered Care

  1. Emergent Systems
  2. The Return from La-La Land
  3. The Power of the Dialectic

Part 6: Solving the Problem: Shifting Our Beliefs

  1. From Sheepherder to Shepherd
  2. A New View of Motivation
  3. Empowerment as a Function of Leadership
  4. Redefining Our Measures of Success
  5. Thinking and Behavior Matrix for Person-Centered Leaders

Part 7: Solving the Problem: Changing the Context

  1. Organizational Redesign
  2. Beyond a Just Culture
  3. Organizational Climate
  4. Surplus Safety

Part 8: Solving the Problem: Replacing Routines

  1. Keystone Habits
  2. From Animosity to Reciprocity


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Nancy Fox is a nationally-recognized speaker, educator, and mentor in person-centered care and leadership. She has decades of experience working to change the culture of elder care communities. She has served as a nursing home administrator, former executive director of The Eden Alternative, and Chief Innovation Officer for Vivage Senior Living.

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