A Lesson in Leadership in Person-Centered Elder Care

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This post was adapted from Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care by Nancy Fox, © 2017 by Health Professions Press.  Nancy Fox is a Nursing Home Administrator, former executive director of The Eden Alternative, and Chief Innovation Officer for Vivage Senior Living. She is also the author of Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care. Here, she shares a leadership lesson she learned while vacationing on Sanibel Island, after years spent transforming her organization into a person-centered care environment. "She fell and can't get up..." In the summer of 2003, I took … [Read more...]

Why Increased Productivity Will Help Your Healthcare System in Organizational Changes

According to leadership interviews with the Harvard Business Review, healthcare executives are concerned about the future of their industry. As the United States transitions to a new Presidential administration and Congress, questions about where healthcare systems go from here are brought to the forefront. The consensus of the interviewed executives (associated with Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Virginia Commonwealth, and the University of Utah): the challenges will be both financially and managerial difficult. To succeed in transforming the healthcare system, it will be necessary … [Read more...]

Successful approach to dementia care presents a new guide to putting the person first

For Immediate Release Contact: Kaitlin Konecke, Marketing Manager Email: kkonecke@healthpropress.com Phone: 410-337-9585 x181 Baltimore, MD (September, 2016) — Health Professions Press has published their latest book, The Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care, Second Edition. Now available in print format (and for pre-order as an e-book), this completely revised and expanded follow-up to the best-selling book teaches an approach to dementia care that has been adopted world-wide, and is built on the essential elements of friendship. Developed by dementia experts Virginia Bell and … [Read more...]

Ask the Author: Memory Aid Tips from Michelle Bourgeois

Memory and Communication Aids for People with Dementia, by Dr. Michelle Bourgeois, is a practical guide of communication and memory aids to significantly improve the ability of people with dementia and related memory impairments to stay connected, engaged, and functioning at their optimal level of independence. With full-color illustrations and simple instructions for creating various memory and communication tools, these evidence-based examples help to provide conversation prompts, answers to common questions, and reminders for daily living. Filled with useful content and formats and more … [Read more...]

New book provides resources to understand and combat the shocking phenomenon of senior bullying

Bullying Among Older Adults

For Immediate Release Contact: Kaitlin Konecke, Marketing Manager Phone: 410-337-9585 x181 Email: kkonecke@healthpropress.com Baltimore, MD (August, 2016) — Health Professions Press has published their latest book, Bullying Among Older Adults: How to Recognize and Address an Unseen Epidemic. Now available in print and e-book format, this book is the first resource to address the critical issue of bullying among older adults in senior programs and care settings, and provides the knowledge and tools to recognize bullying and develop constructive ways to intervene and prevent … [Read more...]