What do fees include?


Specialized Expert Training—What do the fees include?

The fees for Specialized Expert Training vary depending on the subject, the length of the training, and the number of participants. The total cost for your organization will include the speaker fee, agent fee, and travel expenses, as well as the cost of any books purchased in conjunction with the training. Special discounts apply to books ordered in conjunction with a training.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each speaker sets his/her own fees, and Health Professions Press adds a modest agent fee. The fees you see listed for each training include the agent fee.
  • Variations in fees for a particular topic reflect speaker experience, audience size, travel involved, and planning time.
  • The fees listed for each training should help in budgeting and planning, but please keep in mind that all prices are subject to change.
  • Please remember that you will also be responsible for the speaker’s travel expenses and any required books or materials.
  • Most trainings can be customized to fit your organization AND your budget! To learn more detailed pricing information, please fill out a Training Request Form. We will aim to get back to you within 5 business days.