Search Tips

How the search works

  • When typing in your search query in the search bar, if you don’t hit enter right away, you will get a list of all relevant site content for the search terms divided into the categories Pages, Products, and Posts. You can arrow down in this list to select the page that best fits your search.

Title search

  • Enter all words in the title you are looking for. The search engine will try to find books that have all the words you entered in the title.  Leave out words such as “a,” “an,” or “the.”
  • When including edition, spell out the edition number. For example, “first edition” instead of “1st edition.”
  • Be sure to include all necessary punctuation and spacing in terms (e.g., Alzheimer’s not Alzheimers, healthcare, not health care)

Author search

  • Enter all or part of the author name you are looking for.
  • You do not need to enter a first name, but if there are a lot of books by authors with the same last name, it may help to narrow the results.
  • You can enter the name in any order such as “John Smith” or “Smith John.”
  • Be sure to spell the author’s name correctly. The search function will not find misspelled names.

Keyword search

  • You can search by keyword but this approach will likely return a large set of results.
  • If you want to search by keyword, try a combination of author and keyword. For example, “Troxel Dementia” where “Troxel” is the author and “Dementia” is the keyword.


To refine your results, use the filtering/sorting options (within specific product or training categories only)

  • Filter options include default sorting (alphabetical), popularity (i.e., bestsellers on the website), average rating (as rated by site visitors), newness, price: low to high, and price: high to low.