Montessori-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia, Volume 2

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Edited by Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D.

ISBN 1-933829-00-5
96 pages
9 x 11 tabbed spiral-bound papercover
© 2006

Expand your activity programming with all new Montessori-based activities for people with dementia. A follow-up to the popular first book, Volume 2 promotes increased opportunities for socialization and interaction. The book includes intergenerational programming, group activities, ideas especially for men, and sensory stimulation exercises. Also, range-of-motion and self-care activities for enhancing restorative nursing and rehabilitation are described.

Step-by-step instructions and tips for extension and adaptation are provided for all 38 activities.

Distributed for Myers Research Institute and Menorah Park Center for the Aging, Beachwood, Ohio.


  • What a Volume 2?
  • New Elements of Volume 2
  • The Role of Language in Activity Presentation
  • A Word About Infection Control


Care of the Environment

  • Activity 1: Dish Drying
  • Activity 2: Pillow Stuff ‘n Fluff
  • Activity 3: Clothing Repair

Sensory Discrimination

  • Activity 1: Mystery Bag
  • Activity 2: Texture Match
  • Activity 3: Sound Match

History and Geography

  • Activity 1: North or South State Sort
  • Activity 2: War Order (Seriation)
  • Activity 3: Famous Buildings/Country Match

Activities for Men

  • Activity 1: Golf Club Cleaning
  • Activity 2: Nuts and Bolts
  • Activity 3: Flashlight Repair
  • Activity 4: Baseball Team/City Match
  • Activity 5: Tool Match
  • Activity 6: Poker Hand Match
  • Activity 7: Fishing the Lure Match
  • Activity 8: Navy Rank


Intergenerational Activities

  • Activity 1: Teaching Counting
  • Activity 2: Story Scribe/Reflections
  • Activity 3: Animal Sound Match
  • Activity 4: Stenciling
  • Activity 5: Letter Stamping
  • Activity 6: American Flag Puzzle

Group Activities

  • Activity 1: Household Sounds Bingo
  • Activity 2: Group Sequencing
  • Activity 3: Voting for Presidents
  • Activity 4: The Friendly Neighbors Club


Range of Motion (ROM)

  • Activity 1: Magnetic Objects
  • Activity 2: Lock ‘n Key
  • Activity 3: Bottles and Lids
  • Activity 4: Package Wrap

Sprint, Brace, and Prosthesis Assistance

  • Activity 1: Color-Coded Tabs

Mobility, Walking, and Transfer

  • Activity 1: Grocery Shopping Cart
  • Activity 2: Fashion Show Runway Walk

Dressing and Grooming

  • Activity 1: Button It Up

Eating and Swallowing

  • Activity 1: Dessert or Main Course Sort
  • Activity 2: Food Preparation


  • Activity 1: Life Stories


Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., is a senior research scientist and director of the Myers Research Institute, a division of Menorah Park Center for Senior Living in Beachwood, Ohio. He also is an adjunct professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland), The University of Akron, and Cleveland State University.

Dr. Camp is a recognized expert in the field of gerontology who conducts workshops across the country and internationally on designing cognitive and behavioral interventions for dementia. His current research involved: development of a screening instrument for restorative nursing programs in skilled nursing facilities; interventions to enable therapists to apply memory improvement techniques during the course of therapy with people with dementia; use of Montessori-based activities as rehabilitative interventions for people with dementia; and the development of interventions to enable older adults with HIV to more effectively adhere to medication regimens and to keep clinic appointments.

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    “If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, you MUST read this book ASAP! It is such a learning process to be able to care, communicate, and incorporate activities for dementia patients, but Dr. Camp guides you and shows you the way—His methods will save your sanity!”
    –Jacqueline Marcell, author of Elder Rage and host of Coping with Caregiving radio program

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