Expand Your Mind Cards
Expand Your Mind Cards

Expand Your Mind


ISBN 978-1-57861-771-5
100 4 x 6 full-color, illustrated cards
36-page instruction booklet
© 2011

This handy boxed set of 100 cards contains quick, challenging activities designed to stimulate the minds and memories of older adults for healthier brains. Easy and fun to use—either along or in small groups—each folded card contains an engaging exercise inside and a colorful graphic or photo on the outside. A facilitator’s guide includes a complete card list, answer keys, and additional resources.

All activities fall into one of six different categories, ensuring that all areas of the brain are stimulated:

  • creativity
  • numbers/spatial
  • words
  • thinking
  • movement
  • memory

Expand Your Mind cards were created by Marge Engleman, whose expertise in creativity and aging is informed by her training in sociology, religious education, adult education, and environmental design. A popular speaker, teacher, and writer, she is also known for her programs developed specifically for older adults.

Distributed for Attainment Company, Inc.

Marge Engleman, Ph.D.

A pioneer in creativity and aging, Marge has authored books, developed programs for older adults, spoken at national conferences, and taught graduate studies. She holds a BA in Sociology, an MA in Religious Education, an MS in Environmental Design, and a PhD in Adult Education.

Marge’s quintessential mind continues to stir her world – and the world of others – through artwork with gourds and textiles, daily exercise, and activist activities on behalf of peace and justice.

Distributed for Attainment Company, Inc.


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