Essential Falls Management Series: After the Fall CD


After the Fall

By Rein Tideiksaar, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-932529-30-2
Format: CD-ROM
© 2007

Implement a post-fall assessment program and decrease the risk for subsequent falls at your long-term or acute care facility. Use this training CD-ROM to help staff identify factors responsible for falls in older adults and adapt fall prevention strategies to meet individual needs.

Based on the work of experienced falls specialist Rein Tideiksaar, this comprehensive CD-ROM includes:

  • a PowerPoint presentation for staff training
  • fall prevention program guidelines
  • a post-fall care planning chart
  • post-fall mobility assessment forms
  • a fall report form
  • an environmental safety checklist
  • and more

All forms and guidelines are included in printable PDF format.


  • Fall Prevention: A Best-Practice Approach

PowerPoint Training Presentation

  • Post-Fall Assessments

PDF Documents

  • Bed Safety Overview
  • Fall Prevention Program Guideline
  • An Organized Approach to Post-Fall Assessment
  • What is a Fall?
  • Environmental Safety Checklist
  • Fall Risk Factors
  • Post-Fall Mobility Assessment
  • Fall Report Form
  • Post-Fall Checklist
  • Post-Fall Care Plan Interventions
  • Root Causes of Falls: Process and Organizational Factors
  • Post-Fall Assessment Policy
  • Family Role in Patient Safety
  • Audit Guidelines for Post-Fall Assessment

Essential Falls Management Series: After the Fall (Tideiksaar Excerpt) by HealthProPress

Read Dr. Rein Tideiksaar’s falls prevention blog!

Rein Tideiksaar, Ph.D., is President of FallPrevent, LLC, a company that provides educational, legal, and marketing services in connection with fall prevention in the elderly. Dr. Tideiksaar has been active in the area of fall prevention for more than fifteen years. He has directed numerous research projects on falls and has developed fall prevention programs in community, assisted living, home care, acute care hospital, and nursing facility settings. Dr. Tideiksaar has written numerous articles and book chapters on falls and related topics. He is the author of Falls in Older People: Prevention and Management, Fourth Edition (Health Professions Press). In addition to three previous editions of this professional resource, he is the author of Falling in Old Age: Its Prevention and Treatment, Second Edition (Springer Publishing Company, 1997).

From 2000 to 2003, Dr. Tideiksaar was the Senior Vice President of Fall Prevention and Injury Reduction Systems, ElderCare Companies, Inc., Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Prior to 2000, he was Director of Geriatric Educational and Clinical Programs and Director of the Falls and Immobility Program, Department of Geriatrics, Southwest Medical Associates, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada. He has also served as Director of Geriatric Care Coordination, Sierra Health Services, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada, and Director of the Falls and Immobility Program, Department of Geriatrics and Adult Development, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, New York.

Dr. Tideiksaar obtained a doctorate from Columbia Pacific University and a physician assistant certification from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Tideiksaar completed his geriatric training at the Parker Jewish Geriatric Institute, New Hyde Park, New York.


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