Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

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Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

By Robyn Yale, L.C.S.W.

ISBN 978-1-878812-26-1
256 pages
6 x 9 papercover
© 1995

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MindAlert Award Winner! (American Society on Aging, 2002)

Traditionally, much of the literature on Alzheimer’s disease has focused on caregivers rather than on people with dementia. Now, this innovative book shows readers how to help people with Alzheimer’s disease by implementing support groups that meet their needs.

This important reference provides step-by-step guidelines and ready-to-use forms for developing, facilitating, and administering effective support groups for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the research and clinical experience of Robyn Yale, whose pioneering work in this field has become a model for the development of support groups around the country, Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease shows how to select group participants, train group facilitators, and address administrative concerns. Supplemented by role plays for practicing ways to handle difficult situations, this helpful book is an invaluable resource for social workers, adult day care providers, researchers, Alzheimer’s Association chapter staff, and other health care professionals working with people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Foreword by Rea Kahn


  1. Establishing Criteria for Group Participation
  2. Recruiting and Selecting Group Participants
  3. Selecting and Working with Group Facilitators
  4. Setting Up a Support Group
  5. Leading a Support Group
  6. Administering and Evaluating a Support Group
  7. Involving Caregivers and Family Members
  8. Using Role Plays to Train Group Facilitators
  9. Research Study on Support Groups for Individuals with Early Dementia


Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease: Planning, Implementation, a… by HealthProPress

Robyn Yale, L.C.S.W., is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Aging and Alzheimer’s disease. In 1986, she pioneered the innovative “early stage support groups,” which give people with Alzheimer’s disease an opportunity to talk with one another and better understand the illness.

She was among the first to promote early stage awareness and services, and facilitate collaboration between professionals around the world in this area.

Robyn’s group model has been widely replicated internationally through her first book, (Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation) and through training presentations given in over 100 cities spanning five continents. She is a recipient of the American Society on Aging’s MindAlert Award. She also developed a model of memory loss support groups for residents of assisted living that has been implemented in many communities.

Robyn’s new work around individual counseling for people with early dementia was developed in collaboration with the Atlanta, Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Based in San Francisco, California, she currently works independently and as a consultant to the Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations.

6 reviews for Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. admin

    “The strongest point about this book is the breadth of information. At times, it looks less like a book and more like a start-up kit. It seems that anything a clinician could possibly need … is included between the covers.”
    -Clinical Gerontologist

  2. admin

    “Robyn Yale’s early stage support group model has been replicated worldwide, and this excellent book provides you with everything you need to develop a successful program…Well-respected and highly recommended!”
    -Lisa Snyder, L.C.S.W., Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, University of California, San Diego

  3. admin

    “Our Early Stage Support Program is our favorite and most successful program. We find delightful camaraderie and enduring friendships developing in each group while the participants cope with very difficult changes in their lives. We thank Robyn Yale for her pioneering and continuing effort in this field…”
    -Alzheimer’s Association, Northern California Chapter

  4. admin

    “Always sensitive and respectful of the person with Alzheimer’s disease, this book is a wealth of practical information presented in a responsible and uncomplicated form. It will give courage and understanding to practitioners undertaking this journey.”
    –Rea Kahn, RN, Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter

  5. admin

    “This is a thorough, engaging, and well-written book…And it has broader implications for all health professionals interested in compassionate care…”
    –The Gerontologist

  6. admin

    “I believe this book, and its effect, can be rated together with the 36-Hour Day of Mace & Rabins as a milestone in Alzheimer’s disease literature and influence.”
    –Michael Livni, Alzheimer’s Disease International

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