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“I have used craft books to complete projects, but I have never seen a book that not only is a guide to the project, but teaches why the approach is valuable. This manual might change the focus of activities from just being ways to fill time to enhancing communication and improving the quality of life for everyone affected by dementia.”

Doody’s Book ReviewSharon G. Thomas, BSN, MU Sinclair School of Nursing

Creative Connections in Dementia CareCreative Connections™ in Dementia Care
Engaging Activities to Enhance Communication
By Rev. Katie Norris and Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC-SLP

Looking for a great gift for family and professionals caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia? This lovely activity book provides 10 art activities, and provides guidance to help enhance communication, interactions, task breakdown, and problem-solving efforts while also encouraging the abilities of each participant. Everything you need is laid out in this guide, detailing supplies, instructions, and activity modifications, as well as colorful, step-by-step photographs that show how to demonstrate and lead the activity for the person with dementia. Each art activity is failure-free and does not require memory skills to complete.

Creativity is preserved in dementia long after other abilities are lost, so that making art provides rich opportunities for meaningful engagement for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Engaging in creative activity can reduce stress, elevate mood and self-esteem, stimulate memories, and create a sense of personal identity and achievement. Truly the perfect gift to connect with a loved one with dementia this holiday season!


Best Friends PlannerPLUS! Make sure you start 2018 off right with the Best Friends™ Daily Planner! With ample space to track your schedule, this planner also provides you with guiding principles, activities, and reflection questions to support your caregiving each week.

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