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Stock #29876
(ISBN 978-1-932529-87-6)
520 pages
7" x 10" papercover
© 2013

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Models and Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care Models and Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care
Edited by Audrey S. Weiner, D.S.W., M.P.H., and Judah L. Ronch, Ph.D.

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Be a part of the future of elder care—learn from the most experienced and innovative providers of person-centered care about how to bring dignity, choice, respect, and comfort back into the day-to-day lives of elders. This invaluable resource, from many of the pioneers of the culture change movement, provides the wisdom and tools needed to turn any care community into a more supportive, person-directed environment.

From this book, readers gain insight into implementing care practices that focus on the person, through the profiles of pioneering model communities that have successfully brought culture change into their organizations. Discover proven approaches to transforming attitudes, practices, physical spaces, and organizational structures to accommodate the collaborative processes essential to personalized care.

This critical resource explores the path to accomplishing organizational change. It guides by example and reveals what is possible and how to overcome the challenges to be faced when effecting change. For practitioners, educators, funders, advocates, surveyors, and professional staff from nurses to social workers to administrators, Models & Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care provides

  • detailed accounts of what person-centered care looks like in practice
  • essential considerations for the workforce
  • tips and ideas for overcoming common barriers
  • a solid business case for implementing culture change and gaining competitive advantages
  • concrete perspectives on the issues and processes surrounding new ways of providing care

Readers who are just beginning to adopt culture change in their care communities or those well into the person-centered care journey will find in these pages the inspiration, motivation, and practical strategies to guide their organization towards the future of elder care.

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