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Stock #12865
(ISBN 978-1-878812-86-5)
296 pages
6” x 9” papercover
© 2003

Exam Copy

Exam Copy
Becoming an Effective Health Care Manager
The Essential Skills of Leadership

By Len Sperry, M.D., Ph.D.

Nothing is more predictive of the viability and success of a health care organization than its leadership. Learn the skills this market demands and get the tools to master them with Becoming an Effective Health Care Manager.

Built on sound business and health services management theories, and viewed through the lens of emotional intelligence and the author’s years of direct experience, this book actively teaches both students and practitioners the relational, operational, and analytical skills that are necessary—and surprisingly rare—in today’s health care management arena.

Dramatically increase productivity and employee commitment and place yourself ahead of the pack by honing these financial and organizational management skills:

  • motivation
  • communication
  • delegation 
  • counseling
  • strategic planning
  • personnel management
  • staff coaching

  • time and stress management
  • teamwork
  • conflict management
  • interviewing
  • budgeting
  • resource management

Each chapter is like a mini-workshop in each skill set, featuring learner-friendly objectives, self-assessment tools, case studies, real-world individual and small-group exercises, and review questions.

As a health care supervisor, you can improve your own leadership skills or mold exceptional leaders and managers among your staff using this highly practical guide in workshops and continuing education seminars. Undergraduate and graduate students in health and nursing administration can learn essential skills that have been glaringly absent from curricula. Get Becoming an Effective Health Care Manager and help yourself or your students along the journey of becoming and then being an effective leader.

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