Why Does He Do That? The Logic in Dementia

Speaker(s): Kathy Laurenhue, M.A.

Kathy can speak on a variety of topics related to dementia care, but says that everything boils down to understanding the person with dementia—their motivation and their message—and how you can effectively respond. In this course, you will learn the logic behind behavior. What is the person trying to communicate? Then, equally important, how can you respond in a way that makes everyone’s day go smoothly? This course provides both insight and answers, making it enormously practical for solving caregiving dilemmas. And as with all of Kathy’s presentations, it is lightened by an emphasis on using humor as your best coping tool.


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Seminar length:  2 hours–1 day

Number of participants: 15–200

Who will benefit from this seminar:  activity directors and direct care staff at adult day centers. assisted living facilities, and nursing homes; family caregivers

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Are you someone who wants to teach these strategies to others? This seminar can also be given in a train-the-trainer format.