The Sunshine on All Our Faces: Inspiring and Useful Practices in Caregiving

Speaker(s): Lydia Burdick, M.A.

Caregiving is probably the toughest and most rewarding activity a person will ever do. Useful for both family and professional caregivers, this seminar offers inspiring and helpful practices for caring for and connecting with individuals with dementia.Drawing on her personal experience as a family caregiver and her professional experience as a transition consultant, speaker Lydia Burdick talks to participants about honoring those with dementia by adapting to their needs and enjoying the time spent together. In this seminar, she addresses:
  • What to do after saying “hello” — ways to use simple, everyday activities and those previously enjoyed by the person with dementia
  • Communicating effectively with the person with dementia
  • Dealing with grief and joy simultaneously
  • Discovering joy and gratitude in the caregiver’s own life
  • Celebrating events large and small — the art of making anything special
  • Confronting medical, legal, and living arrangements and communicating about them with family members
  • Being eternally vigilant to the gift of being alive — appreciating the present.


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Seminar length:  45-90 minutes for a conference presentation; ½ day for a seminar

Number of participants: available for conference presentations or smaller seminars

Who will benefit from this seminar:  Caregiving professionals (including nurses, social workers, and activity professionals), family caregivers and family members — all who care for and love someone with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias

Seminar fee:
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