The Joy of Dining in Long-Term Care

Speaker(s): Jitka Zgola, OT(C)

Improve your facility’s dining program with this hands-on seminar that recognizes the significance and meaning of mealtimes. Based on the expertise of a long-term care therapist, this seminar will help all staff members appreciate the impact they have on the dining experience.

In the session for direct care staff, participants will:

  • explore the meaning of meals within their own lives
  • discuss the importance of mealtimes in preserving an individual’s dignity, autonomy, health, and quality of life
  • recognize the impact that each staff member exerts on residents’ mealtime experience
  • identify components of mealtimes that individual caregivers can control
  • examine the importance of effective communication and how it contributes to mealtimes
  • learn facilitating and feeding techniques that preserve the individual’s pleasure, dignity and autonomy and enhance the caregiving experience.

In addition, administrators will learn to:

  • appreciate the significance of meals to residents, staff, and the facility
  • develop or refine a comprehensive dining program
  • link the dining program with overall quality of care.


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Seminar length:  2 hours – 1 day

Number of participants: maximum of 100

Who will benefit from this seminar:  all direct care staff, supervisors, and administrators in long-term care facilities (Different workshops are available for administrators and direct care staff. However, supervisors are encouraged to attend with their staff to ensure consistency and support for the concepts learned.)

Seminar fee:
(What do fees include?)
1 day: $2,800

Zgola also offers a multi-day and facility-specific seminar that examines the elements of a well-functioning dining program.