Learning About Counseling People with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

Speaker(s): Robyn Yale, L.C.S.W.

A new framework will be presented that shows how the various emotional, practical, and lifestyle issues facing people with early dementia are interwoven. At its core is the strong counseling relationship, which empowers people to acknowledge their impairments while also building on their strengths. Other professionals wanting to learn how to relate more authentically to people with early dementia are also welcome.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop the ability to work with each person’s different pace and process of acceptance upon learning that their diagnosis is early stage Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Examine coping strategies for the many interconnected ways one’s life is affected by having early dementia
  3. Learn to use a new framework for identifying and addressing early stage challenges, and evaluating counseling efforts
  4. Explore the key elements of a successful therapeutic alliance, which results in both parties becoming enriched and transformed


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Seminar length:  Variable

Number of participants: Variable

Who will benefit from this seminar:  Social workers, therapists, psychologists, nurses, residential care staff and administrators, home care professionals, geriatric care managers, and others working with people with early-stage Alzheimer’s.

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