If It Isn’t Fun Don’t Do It—Playful Brain Games for the Stressed Mind

Speaker(s): Kathy Laurenhue, M.A.

Conventional wisdom suggests that to keep our brains active we should do crossword puzzles, study a foreign language, and learn to play a musical instrument, all of which take more time and talent than most of us have—and therefore cause more stress than they relieve. In this workshop, you will be introduced to a variety of playful mind exercises that can give you a needed five-minute break, or keep you busy for hours. All are intended to engage your brain and engage you with others for maximizing the benefits of fun. Below are just a few of the dozens of activities you will experience firsthand!


  • Trivia quizzes
  • word games
  • imaginative activities and
  • adaptations for existing games

Also learn how a playful view of life is scientifically like breathing in pure oxygen. It makes us feel alive, gives us hope, enhances our creativity, and increases our ability to learn. 


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Seminar length:  2 hours–1 day

Number of participants: 15–200

Who will benefit from this seminar:  activity directors and direct care staff at adult day centers and long-term care communities; family caregivers

Seminar fee: Contactseminars@
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Are you an activity director who wants to teach these strategies to others? This seminar can also be given in a train-the-trainer format.