Hospice Inpatient Units in Healthcare Facilities


A Guide and Toolkit 

(ISBN 978-1-932529-40-1)
372 pages
8½ x 11
3-ring binder
© 2005

A win-win for all parties involved, establishing a hospice inpatient unit allows hospice programs to effectively and efficiently provide high levels of care to terminally ill patients or dying residents. Not only affording a market advantage, inpatient hospice units also give healthcare facility discharge planners a viable alternative to in-home hospice services.

Hospice Inpatient Units in Healthcare Facilitiesprovides a blueprint for successfully establishing and operating hospice inpatient units within the existing framework of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. This comprehensive manual is informed and inspired by the experiences of the authors and their colleagues in planning, implementing, and operating hospice inpatient programs across the country.

Administrators will gain the knowledge and assurances they need to take the unknowns out of developing an innovative site-based hospice service. The guide includes detailed information about

  • evaluating an organization’s readiness and ability to develop a hospice inpatient unit
  • negotiating an agreement between the hospice care provider and the hospital or skilled nursing facility
  • developing sound financial and staffing models for the unit
  • designing a comfortable care environment
  • integrating the hospice program with the other services provided by the healthcare facility
  • delivering compassionate hospice care to residents and their families
  • meeting regulatory requirements
  • implementing a marketing effort for the hospice program

This complete guide also provides a detailed project planning chart and 28 user-friendly templates for customized planning. 

Distributed on behalf of The PentaView Collaborative, Lexington, MA.

  1. Overview
    Hospice Inpatient Settings
    Development Lifecycle & Project Management
    Getting Started

  2. Exploration
    Organization Readiness: Are you ready?
    Substantiating the Need
    Selecting the Host
    Formulating a Strategy
    The Picture of Success

  3. Business Planning
    The Financial Plan
    Developing and Finalizing the Contract
    The Marketing Plan

  4. Design & Construction
    The Integrated Nature of Design and Construction
    Pre-design Stage
    Construction Stage
    Post-construction Stage

  5. Delivering Care
    Building the Care Team
    Operations Management
    Integrating Hospice with Host Facility
    Regulatory Compliance
    Preparing for Opening
    Bringing it Home

Regulatory Requirements
Strategic Communication in Inpatient Unit Development
Palliative Care Inpatient Units
Guide to Reference Sources


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