Dining in Long Term Care: A Primary Quality Indicator

Speaker(s): Jitka Zgola, OT(C)

Lead by long-term care therapist Jitka Zgola, this multi-day and facility-specific seminar examines the elements of a well-functioning dining program, including food quality, social interactions, and physical environment as indicators of the quality of a facility’s overall performance in care delivery.

Participants will reflect upon care methods — such as information gathering, assessment, and meaningful staff education — that build high quality dining programs and overall high quality facilities. The speaker will discuss interdisciplinary communication and cooperation and adherence to a clearly-stated mission statement.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will:

  • evaluate their facility’s operation in terms of elements affecting the dining experience of both residents and staff
  • set up an enduring communication network that preserves and supports the importance of dining as a meaningful activity for residents in long-term care
  • start to develop an in-house education program that promotes ongoing learning for staff members
  • learn how to develop a clear mission statement regarding dining in their facility
  • explore ways in which staff can work as a team to provide the most significant dining experience for residents and staff
  • set up methods to assess the quality of food, environment, and service in their dining facilities.


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Seminar length:  1 – 4 days

Number of participants: maximum of 20

Who will benefit from this seminar:  facility and program administrators, department heads and unit directors; personnel of regulatory agencies and resident advocate agencies

Seminar fee:
(What do fees include?)
1 day: $2,800
2-4 days: $2,200 per day

Zgola also offers a hands-on seminar that examines the elements of a well-functioning dining program.