Communication Difficulties

Communication Difficulties


41-minute DVD
© 2009

Communicating with an individual with dementia can become increasingly difficult as their cognitive abilities decline. This 41-minute DVD, produced for the American Journal of Nursing, discusses ways to assess the expressive and receptive skills of older adults with dementia or other medical conditions enabling caregivers to continue to communicate with them long after their language abilities and understanding diminish. Offering a number of practical suggestions, including a 9-question assessment and intervention tool, Communication Difficulties gives you what you need to promote better overall communication with an individual with dementia.

Terra Nova Films creates, produces, distributes, and presents films and videos on aging and elderhood. When the company started in 1981, it was dealing with mainly one film; now it handles more than 300, with a client base of more than 10,000, ranging from colleges and universities to community groups and senior centers. And now, as the aging population in many countries is rapidly expanding, Terra Nova continues to be a leader in the visual storytelling to help people understand, value, and traverse the human experience of elderhood.

Terra Nova Films uses visual media to foster a new look at aging and elderhood—one that values elderhood as much as any other stage of life, and that respects the life experience and contributions of older adults.

With the premise that elderhood is as noteworthy as any other stage of life, Terra Nova Films looks for the untold story, the fresh angle, the basic human emotions at the core of each topic. Under the detailed eye of Terra Nova’s founder and director, Jim Vanden Bosch, each film is allowed to evolve naturally, resulting in honest revelations that help others faced with similar aging-related circumstances and experiences.

Terra Nova Films has taken a leadership role in promoting the use of educational videos by human service professionals and educators in aging-related fields. Terra Nova has coordinated film festivals for many of the major aging-related conferences across the country and abroad. Terra Nova has become a vital resource for professionals who work with elderhood issues, for families and individuals as they make decisions about later life issues, and for older adults themselves as they see their own experiences reflected and validated on film.


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