Brain Health Strategies for People with Early Memory Loss

Speaker(s): Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick

Host a memory enhancement seminar for people with early memory loss and their loved ones! Participants will discover a wide variety of strategies for improving memory skills. Plus, the seminar’s multisensory activities will stimulate the brain, promote reminiscence, and support discussion.

Participants are given hands-on techniques for remembering names, memorizing numbers, developing lists, and organizing information. The presenters also cover the brain health benefits resulting from cognitive stimulation, stress reduction, proper nutrition, and increased socialization.

Seminar length:
1-5 days

Number of participants:

Who will benefit from this seminar:
People with early memory loss and their family members; professionals who work with people with early memory loss, including social workers, psychologists, activity directors at adult day centers and assisted living communities, and staff of caregiver support agencies

Seminar fee:
1 day: $2100
2 days: $3300
3 days: $4620
4 days: $5940
5 days: $7260
What do fees include?

Einberger_KristinKristin Einberger has worked in the aging field for 35 years and has developed programs on Alzheimer’s respite, early memory loss, and brain fitness, among others. Currently she facilitates a number of brain fitness classes in a variety of settings and also facilitates various caregiver support groups. She is the co-author of a number of books dealing with early memory loss, including four published by Health Professions Press, two of which were recognized with Mature Media Awards. She has been a speaker at conference nationwide including American Society on Aging, National Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and the Brookdale Foundation. Her passion is to assist those with early memory loss in leading fulfilling lives in the most cognitively fit way possible.

Sellick_JanelleJanelle Sellick, M.S., has been working with older adults for more than 10 years, teaching and developing programs for people with memory loss.She currently facilitates Brain Boosters and mental fitness classes. Janelle has presented at dozens of local, state, and national conferences on topics related to memory, caregiving, and aging. She is the author of the book Traditions: Improving Quality of Life in Caregiving, and co-author of the popular Strengthen Your Mind series of activity books for people with early memory loss, as well as Brain Flexers: Games and Activities to Strengthen Memory. She also co-authored How to Develop an Early Memory Loss Program for the Brookdale Foundation and has written articles for many local publications.


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