Bon Appetit! DVD


How to Create Meaningful Mealtimes in Long-Term Care

40 minute-DVD and 40-page manual
© 2001

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This two-video training tool presents a comprehensive mealtime program that focuses on principles of resident autonomy and person-centered care. Special attention is devoted to identifying the needs of people with dementia and understanding the disease’s effect on communication, behavior, and eating. Viewers learn about critical components that can improve the dining experience for both residents and staff, and how to prepare and serve food in a way that enables residents to eat as independently as possible.

Jitka Zgola, OT(C)

Jitka Zgola, OT(C), is an occupational therapist, author, educator, and advisor to caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s disease and age-related illnesses. She has more than 20 years experience with clients, professionals, and family caregivers in direct service and administration. She provides teaching and consultation in principles of effective care to agencies and professional groups throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe, and she frequently addresses conferences as a workshop leader and keynote speaker. She is also the author of two well-received books, Doing Things: A Guide to Activity Programming for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Care that Works: A Relationship Approach to Persons with Dementia.

Gilbert Bordillon, BEH

Gilbert Bordillon, BEH, graduated from the Thonon les Bains College of Hotel Management in France. In his life, he was a hotel, restaurant, and marketing consultant for both new and restructured operations, offering concept development and total environment concepts, menus, marketing standards, and quality control, in addition to the hiring, evaluation, and training of staff. He was responsible for the development and continued successful operation of world-class restaurants and hotel food services in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. His own work and the staff members who he had trained have received prestigious international awards.

Terra Nova Films

Terra Nova Films creates, produces, distributes, and presents films and videos on aging and elderhood. When the company started in 1981, it was dealing with mainly one film; now it handles more than 300, with a client base of more than 10,000, ranging from colleges and universities to community groups and senior centers. And now, as the aging population in many countries is rapidly expanding, Terra Nova continues to be a leader in the visual storytelling to help people understand, value, and traverse the human experience of elderhood.


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