Benchmarking in Action

Speaker: Paul Fogel, M.B.A.

Valuable for reducing cost and enhancing quality, benchmarking is a systematic process for evaluating, comparing, and adopting industry practices recognized as best in class. Widely recognized as beneficial for the health care field, benchmarking initiatives are often attempted by health care organizations. However, ineffective planning, poor coordination, and intensive work obligations contribute to the initiatives’ frequent failure.

Led by health care productivity expert Paul Fogel, this seminar shows health care executives how to successfully implement benchmarking practices and avoid the common pitfalls. The seminar teaches a multi-functional approach that utilizes the full expertise of organizational members. Participants will learn the six essential steps of benchmarking and how to apply each in their organization:

  • Determining what to benchmark
  • Forming the team
  • Identifying outside partners
  • Collecting and analyzing the information
  • Implementing an action plan
  • Monitoring progress toward goals and taking corrective action

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Seminar length:  1–2 days

Number of participants: minimum of 12

Who will benefit from this seminar:  Executives of hospitals and related healthcare organizations, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs, and directors

Seminar fee:
(What do fees include?)
1 day: $2,200
2 days: $4,180


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