A Dozen Adaptable Games and Dozens of Ways to Play Them

Speaker(s): Kathy Laurenhue, M.A.

Many people are so programmed to play by “the rules” they can’t imagine throwing out the rule book is an option. This workshop explores the possibilities of redefining success. Many existing games promote their “fast-paced fun” without realizing they are turning off an older audience that has more fun when playing without buzzers, timers, and other pressures to come up with single right answers. Plus, older adults with dementia often need games adapted to their changing abilities. This course not only introduces a variety of games participants might not even know about, but also offers a variety of “other right answers” and techniques for simplifying play and drawing out discussions. Fire up your imagination and let the games begin!

Seminar length:
2 hours-1 day

Number of participants:

Who will benefit from this seminar:
Activity directors and direct care staff at adult day centers and long-term care communities; family caregivers

Seminar fee:
Email training@healthpropress.com for pricing
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Kathy Laurenhue is CEO of Wisner Now, Inc., a multimedia publishing and staff development company that emphasizes well-being in aging as reflected in its tagline, “Backed by science, fueled by fun.” Research is revealing throughout life it’s as important to keep our social connections active as our brain connections. Therefore learning new information while nurturing our relationships with one another is the ultimate goal of everything Wiser Now produces.

Kathy has a master’s degree in instructional technology (multimedia training) and an undergraduate degree in English. She is an advisor to the Humor Academy that is part of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH). Kathy has given training seminars throughout the United States and Australia, and has developed multimedia training materials for national companies in both countries.

In addition to the Creative Mind Play Collections, Kathy is the author of Getting to Know the Life Stories of Older Adults: Activities for Building Relationships (Health Professions Press, 2007). She also co-developed the Elder Care Conversations program, a USB of 12 modules aimed to improve activity programming.

Are you an activity director who wants to teach these strategies to others? This seminar can also be given in a train-the-trainer format.


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