It’s time to revolutionize elder care

World-renowned author & geriatrician, Dr. Al Power

World-renowned author & geriatrician, Dr. Al Power

Dr. Al Power, award-winning author and internationally renowned geriatrician, opened the 2016 Eden Alternative International Conference with his keynote address focusing on this year’s conference theme: It’s about time. Always an eloquent speaker, Al presented the audience with four points, all prefaced with, “It’s about time we…” Groundbreaking and possibly even controversial, the ideas presented here are entirely person-directed (the absolute core of culture change). Dr. Power presents his ideas with examples of model communities who adopted these practices—across the board, there was an increase in improved lives of elders in dementia care facilities. The video below is Al’s entire speech. Riveting and revolutionary, it is a must-watch.

Here are the four key points that Dr. Power makes:

  • There must be consistent staffing
  • Reject BPSD and other harmful labels
  • Desegregate memory care
  • Leaders must lead—honor elder rights above all



Dr. Al Power is the author of the best-selling books, Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care, and Dementia Beyond Disease: Enhancing Well-Being. The revised second edition of Dementia Beyond Drugs will be available September 2016.

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    Consistent staffing is huge! When you start throwing in a ton of different staff, an able mind would get confused not to mention those with memory issues. Great point and should be an interesting speech!

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